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Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Long Beach

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Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Those who experience a motorcycle accident may often incur life-threatening injuries or in serious instances, even death. Motorcyclists are many times more likely to not only get in an accident, but to experience injuries from it, whether it is to their vehicle or body. If another car or cyclist was the cause of your accident, then they should not be held accountable to pay for your losses. Overett Group can help you make a strong claim so that you may receive compensation, so get in touch with our office as soon as possible.

A motorcyclist may get into a number of different kinds of accident, which can all have different consequences and risk of injury. The following are some of the most common:

Rear-end Accidents: A distracted or unprepared driver may not notice that a motorcycle is braking in front of them, which can cause that driver to hit the back of the motorcycle. The force of this may push the motorcycle into another object, or even into oncoming traffic. Catastrophic injuries usually result in this type of accident.

U-Turn Accidents: When drivers realize that they need to be on the opposite side of the street, they may not check their left side before hurriedly making a U-turn. If a motorcycle is traveling next to them, then this will cause the bike to run straight into the side of the vehicle. The impact can severely injure the motorcycle driver.

Limited Visibility Accidents: The smaller size of motorcycles can make it hard for other drivers to see them. Drivers who do not take sufficient time to check their blind spot or look in their rearview mirror may start changing lanes and run into a motorcycle that was next to them. The motorcyclist may be able to avoid them; however, they might still collide with another car in the next lane, or even the other side of the road.

Solo Accidents: When a motorcyclist is the only vehicle in an accident, it is known as a solo accident. These may be caused by a defective product, of which motorcycles may still claim compensation from the company that created the product. Another cause of this type of accident may be bad road conditions, from bad weather or lack of signs.

No matter the type of accident, an attorney at our firm can investigate who was responsible and how much they owe you.

How can I avoid getting into another accident?

Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely prevent another accident from ever occurring. There are, however, some ways that you can make sure that you are doing everything possible to stay safe. First, enroll in a motorcycle safety course. These can help inexperienced motorcyclists gain some more understanding of dangers on the road, while allowing skilled motorcyclists to refresh their memories.

Next, you should make sure that you dress properly. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce risks of injury. The NHSTA says that chances of a head injury are 69% higher for riders that don’t wear helmets, while risk of death is 42% higher. You should also wear gloves to help you better grip and protective body wear to avoid scrapes and burns.

Since motorists so often are not focused on motorcycles on the road, you should try to position yourself in the best way possible. Drive close to the side of the road that you are traveling, which will give you more room in case of an accident. Another way to avoid accidents is to avoid driving in the blind spots of cars so you can prevent them turning into you. Also try to make eye contact with motorists whenever possible, so that you know that they have seen you.

Lastly, be aware of your surroundings as you drive. As the smaller vehicle, you will have to drive defensively to avoid injury. Continually look around so you can spot any danger and react before it’s too late. It helps to keep extra distance between you and other cars on the road. Be sure not to drive with any distractions like cell-phones or radios.

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