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Dog Bites

Long Beach Dog Bite Claims

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Pet owners are directly responsible for the behavior of their animals, as well as any damages that their pets cause. This means that, if a dog escapes or bites someone because their owner failed to properly train or restrain them, the pet owner is liable for the medical bills and emotional trauma that the victim suffers. Liability must be established in order for a dog attack victim to receive compensation, which is why you should not wait another minute to retain our firm’s Long Beach dog bite lawyer after being attacked by a dog. The Overett Group can help you gather the evidence to establish owner negligence and file a successful claim.

Infections, Scars & Other Dog Bite Damages

Dog bites are notorious for causing unattractive scars and serious infections. If you have been bitten, get medical attention immediately to ensure that the wound is properly cleaned and treated. Otherwise, you could suffer from tetanus, a staph infection, or even blood poisoning. Rabies is no longer a strong threat from dog bites. The most common symptoms of these infections are fever, nausea and vomiting, muscle spasms, increased heart rate, and more. Speak with the lawyer from our firm to learn more about dog bite injuries and how you can obtain compensation through a claim.

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Since dogs are the property of their owner, dog bites are a form of premises liability. The Overett Group can help you get accurate evaluations of your injuries and file a claim to recover the full amount of your damages. We are dedicated to delivering results based on thorough investigation of our clients’ needs. We will examine your case in detail and prepare your claim in order to achieve what it is that you need. Our firm will take care of everything, from paperwork to negotiation, so that you can heal and recovery. Contact our firm to learn more!

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