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Side-Impact Accidents

Side Impact or T-Bone Accidents

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What Makes T-Bone Crashes Dangerous?

One of the most common types of car accident are known as “side impact,” also referred to as broadside, right-angle or T-bone collisions. These accidents occur when one car strikes another from the side, causing the two vehicles to form the shape of a capital “T.” They most commonly occur in intersections; for example, when one car runs a red light, fails to yield, or makes an illegal left turn in front of oncoming traffic. They are particularly dangerous because they place either the driver or passenger(s) into the direct path of another vehicle, which can cause severe injuries or even wrongful death.

When side-impact accidents occur, most of the kinetic energy is absorbed by the “crumple zones.” These areas of the car will do exactly as they sound-crumple. This helps to absorb some of the impact from the accident, which in turn helps to protect the driver and/or passengers. Often, vehicles involved in a T-bone accident will do much more than just crumple though. These severe car crashes are also known to cause the vehicle to spin out and hit something else or even to roll over, depending.

While extensive testing is done to provide protection against these types of crashes, it is far from perfect. In one study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly thirty percent of all occupant fatalities in cars, light trucks and vans came from a side-impact accident in 2003. The dangers of these accidents are often attributed to the light protection afforded passengers only a thin door protects them against the outside world and an oncoming vehicle. For this reason, protection such as torso bags with air curtains and head-protection air bags being made mandatory is vital.

Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer for T-Bone Accident Victims

Throughout the years, the safety of cars has increased significantly. That, however, does not mean that it is close to where it needs to be. Every year, people suffer from the occurrence of broadside accidents.

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