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Drunk Driver Accidents

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the most reckless things a person can do. The moment they step behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs, they put themselves, their passengers, and anyone else on the road in danger. Anyone who causes an accident while driving under the influence should be held responsible for any injuries and damages that result. Contact the Long Beach personal injury lawyer from the Overett Group to learn what we can do to recover your damages.

Drunk driving accidents usually result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Crash statistics provided by the California Highway Patrol show that, in the year 2010, there were 187 alcohol-involved injuries and 13 alcohol-related deaths in the city of Long Beach alone. The Overett Group will take the time to study your accident and uncover valuable evidence to establish the full extent of your injuries and other damages. This way, we can recover fair compensation for your case. Find out what we can do for you by setting up your free case evaluation with our car accident lawyer today!

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Our firm’s goal is not only to win a full recovery for your accident, but also to relieve the stress and worry that comes with filing a claim. We will handle everything for you: the paperwork, the insurance, the phone calls, the negotiations–so that you can focus on recovering your health.

Our firm also makes sure to focus on what it is that you specifically want so that we can deliver the best results for your particular case. With more than 19 years of experience, we have the legal knowledge to counsel you through your case and achieve a successful resolution.

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