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Types of Car Accidents

Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Long Beach

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The way in which your Long Beach personal injury lawyer handles your car accident case should vary depending on the nature of your accident. Each car accident is unique and should be studied in detail in order to win a fair payout for an innocent, injured victim. The Overett Group understands this and will skillfully handle your claim and all the details that are involved so that you can focus on healing while being confident of winning a fair settlement or verdict.

If you have been rear-ended, it is very likely that you have suffered from whiplash, seat belt injuries, and possibly head injuries. Side-on or “T-bone” accidents can have the same damaging results. Head-on collisions often result in catastrophic injuries due to the nature of the impact and the force that is involved, and rollover accidents can cause a victim to be thrown from their vehicle or trapped inside it when it is overturned. Any of these accidents can be emotionally traumatizing as well as physically damaging. Our firm will fight tirelessly to establish negligence and liability, as well as the extent of your injuries, so that you receive the highest amount of compensation for your accident.

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