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Texting While Driving

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A Dangerous, Deadly, and Negligent Act

Although state legislators made texting while driving illegal in California, we all know that many people continue to engage in this dangerous and negligent act. We see them on the freeway. It is often assumed that young people are to blame. In fact, people of all ages continue to read and answer text messages while behind the wheel. The length of time it takes to read a message is all it takes to cause a very serious car accident.

Rear end accidents and side impact accidents are the common result of a driver who is focused on reading or writing a text rather than driving. Any impact with another vehicle has the potential for causing serious or permanent injury or death. A rear end accident can mean serious head and brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries or severe soft tissue injuries.

If you have been in an auto accident caused by a negligent driver who was texting, contact our Long Beach personal injury lawyer for assistance. We will carefully manage every detail of your case if you choose to work with our firm. The first step you should take is to find out more about us, so you are confident you are being represented by an attorney that will go the distance for you and will fight for every possible form of compensation.

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Our founding attorney, Paul Overett, has a professional approach in all cases he takes on. He knows thoroughly that the insurance companies often do not care about the injured person. These companies are profit-motivated and if they can pay you nothing, or pay you less, they will.

Some of their common tactics include denying claims, lowball settlement offers, and making it very, very difficult for an injured person to try to settle a claim on their own. Many people have tried and in frustration, have either given up, or finally accepted a settlement that didn’t even cover their medical bills.

This is not justice. At our firm, we take the stress and worry off your plate and we move forward with effective actions to seek full compensation. 

Don’t go without the proper compensation you deserve for your injuries! Call Overett Group today for reliable counsel during this time.

Accident Attorney in Long Beach

A texting driver who creates an injury accident must be held accountable, and this includes financially. The legal system can deal with the criminal traffic violation. Our firm addresses the issue of compensation for damages.

These damages vary from case to case, based upon the level of the injuries that were the result of the negligent act of texting while driving.

You may have lost work, or be so seriously injured that there is little hope of working in the near future. We also realize that you may be a mother, father or be the sole breadwinner who is entirely dependent upon your income in order to provide for your family.

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Every case demands a full evaluation of damages, including the cost of treatment, from the initial ER visit to subsequent medical treatments such as surgery, physical therapy, and all associated costs including medication, transportation and others. Your lost income from your work is also a critical point. You should not have to suffer from financial distress due to the negligent driving of another person. We carefully evaluate every type of economic damage and work to come up with a settlement that is appropriate for what you lost. Our work is thorough and we will be personally committed to maximizing your settlement. We are involved with our clients and we genuinely care about the outcome of their case. It is this focus and drive that has made our firm so successful in settlements.

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