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Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive Driving: Injury Accidents in Long Beach, CA

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Helping Victims of Aggressive Driving?Accidents

Were you or your loved one injured in a car accident caused by an aggressive driver? The Long Beach area and the nearby freeways have far too many drivers who are not considering the safety of others, whether on the 710, the 103, the 110 or the 47. Within the city, Shoreline Drive is often the scene of many injury-related accidents, as well as on freeway onramps and throughout the city.

In fact, accident statistics in the area during the most recent year included 28 fatalities, involving 44 vehicles, with 57 people who were injured. Aggressive driving almost appears to be a way of life in the southland, but the sad fact is that this conduct endangers all others who are sharing the road.

Understanding What Constitutes Aggressive Tendencies

We have all experienced an aggressive driver who comes up from behind, pressing us to get out of a lane, even when our own vehicle may be travelling above the speed limit.

There are drivers who operate their vehicles with only one goal: to get where they want to go, faster than anyone else, without any regard for the safety of others. In fact, one third of all fatalities are speed-related, a common behavior in aggressive driving. If you lost a loved one due to the aggressive conduct of another driver, our firm can help you seek justice and file a wrongful death claim.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) defines an aggressive driver as a driver who “commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.” The usual dangers presented to other drivers by an aggressive driver include speeding, running red lights, fast unexpected lane changes without signaling, and failing to yield.

If you have had the misfortune of being involved in an accident with an aggressive driver, the Overett Group should be contacted immediately. We are deeply committed and zealous advocates for justice in injury cases. Our firm can work with you to get the results you both need and deserve!

Holding an Aggressive Driver Financially Accountable for your Damages

There are varying amounts of damages that can be sought in a personal injury case. If aggressive driving led to serious or permanent injuries or death, it is crucial that legal action is taken to recover compensation.

These damages will include all medical bills, hospital bills, rehabilitation, medications, transportation costs, loss of income from work, future estimated financial losses and other financial expenses, based upon your case. The firm will also pursue non-economic damages including the pain and suffering you experienced through the negligent actions of the aggressive driver.

Obtaining Qualified Legal Assistance

Our goal in representing you is to maximize the settlement you receive. The insurance company absolutely does not want to pay you what you deserve. If you try to deal with them on your own, you will soon discover that it is quite difficult to get a fair settlement. The first action that could be taken to make it difficult for you is the denial of your claim.

If the insurance company appears to be willing to pay, this means almost nothing. You will most likely find yourself transferred from one agent to another, having to talk about your injuries and the situation to various people, all of whom may give you different answers. Many people eventually just give up in frustration, and sign off on a settlement that is 1/3 or less than what they could have recovered with the help of our firm.

Injured in an accident due to an aggressive driver?

We are committed advocates for each client we take on, and we are steadfast in demanding fair compensation. Our 100% success rate speaks for itself. We know your injuries as well as the costs that are involved. You deserve fair treatment and we can help to make sure you get it. Call our firm to discuss your injuries and the situation as soon as possible. Never release information such as medical records to the insurance company without first speaking with us.

Knowing the tactics that the insurance companies use to reduce claims, it is our goal is to protect you, your rights, and your interests, as well as fight to ensure that you get every possible cent from your claim. If the insurance company fails to come through, we are willing to take your case to civil court to seek justice. Contact the Overett Group for more information about filing an injury claim related to an accident caused by an aggressive driver.

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