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Soft Tissue Damage

Soft Tissue Damage in a Long Beach Car Accident

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Soft tissue damage is one of the most overlooked injuries in a car accident. Doctors may not fully assess the condition, and insurance companies can be highly skeptical about these injuries. It can even take the injured person 24 hours to realize the extent to which they are hurt. These injuries still need to be taken seriously. Not only can they cause a great deal of pain, but they can literally cost you in doctor’s visits and therapy. Depending on the site of an injury, you may also be unable to work, leaving you with no way to meet your medical payments.

If your injuries are due to another driver’s negligence, then you should not be the one who has to pay. A fair settlement could cover your car and medical bills, as well as lost wages. Too often, working with insurance can be deeply stressful process, and the results may be disappointing.

The other person’s insurance might readily deny your claim. If your claim is accepted, you are likely to get a very low offer. When you deserve compensation, the Overett Group can provide the sterling representation you need. We are committed to being our clients’ greatest advocates, and we have won a settlement for every single one of our clients. That is also not a fact to overlook.

Soft Tissue Injury Claims in Long Beach

Not only do you have to prove an injury in a car accident, but you must prove the liability of the other driver. An experienced car accident lawyer can prove that your accident (and injuries) are due to another person’s negligence. Rear-end accidents frequently cause whiplash, and if you were rear-ended, it is simple to prove the driver behind you is to blame.

Perhaps an aggressive driver sped through a red light. Maybe the other driver was texting, or under the influence. Even if the other driver is underinsured or uninsured, you should still get the compensation you are owed.

A car accident lawyer can wrangle with your own insurance company to get your deserved settlement. In some cases, such with seat belt injuries, you may need to prove that a car part was faulty. Then you would also have to prove that the auto product defect was what caused your soft tissue injury. The car manufacturer would then be on the hook for your injuries.

Symptoms and Treatment for Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage can mean sprained muscles, bruised tendons, torn ligaments, and more. Whiplash is a very common soft tissue injury. You can sustain injuries along your spinal cord and at your joints. These injuries can be severe and can impair your mobility. Still, these can all take a while to feel, especially after the shock of a collision.

Even if you feel okay after an accident, it is usually a good idea to go to your doctor. Some conditions are not apparent for a full day. If your neck feels stiff, your vision is blurred, or your limbs start to grow numb, these could indicate serious injuries. You should see a doctor if you experience a headache, muscle spasms, dizziness, or fatigue after an accident.

For a soft tissue injury claim, you will need thorough medical records. These injuries cannot be X-rayed, however. Perhaps your doctor will not be able to fully diagnose your injuries. You may want to see a chiropractor or therapist.

A specialist may better provide treatment and therapy, and he or she can also provide the precise medical records you need. That is crucial. You should not be the one paying as expenses rack up over the months of medical care. To get the settlement you are owed, you must convince insurance providers that you are indeed injured.

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