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Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents in Long Beach

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Long Beach Bus Accident Lawyer

Due to the high volume of vehicles on the road every day, many people choose to use public transportation as a source of commuting to and from work, to the grocery store, to a friend’s house, and more. For this reason, buses have become a popular source of transportation in beach cities and surrounding areas, and bus drivers must execute their commutes while keeping the passengers safe. However, accidents happen, and because there are not seatbelts in buses, people can become seriously injured if an accident occurs.

If you commuted via bus and were injured due to the negligence of a bus driver or bus company, it is important that you seek experienced legal representation right away. You may be compensated for the following:

  • physical pain
  • medical expenses
  • emotional distresses
  • physical therapy
  • doctor visits
  • and more

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Establishing Liability in Your Case

The last thing that you expect when you step onto a bus is to be in a serious accident. Bus accidents can result in extensive damages and injury due to the number of people on a commercial bus and the fact that there are no seatbelts. For this reason, bus drivers are held to extremely high standards when it comes to their operation of a commercial passenger vehicle; therefore, if you have been injured as a direct result of a bus driver’s negligence, you deserve fair compensation from the driver or their company. You can also file a claim against a negligent motorist who caused the bus in which you were riding to be involved in an accident.

Bus drivers and the companies they work for will be very hesitant to admit liability, since it will result in higher insurance rates for them. In order to file a successful claim for personal injury, you will need to gather evidence to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence of the bus driver, or of the other motorist who hit the bus or caused the bus to hit them. Hire the Long Beach personal injury attorney from the Overett Group to study your accident right away and gather the witness statements, photos, medical evaluations, and other documentation of your accident that is necessary to maximize your compensation.

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