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Personal Injury FAQ

Finding the Answers You Need from a Qualified Injury Lawyer
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In the aftermath of an injury, you may be laid up recovering, losing out on income and experiencing tremendous amounts of pain. It may be the last thing on your mind to seek out financial restitution, but you deserve to be compensated for your losses and suffering. Allow a Long Beach personal injury attorney at Overett Group to handle your case from start to finish; negotiating with insurance companies, representing you in and out of the courtroom and working towards maximum restitution. 

Common Inquiries

What are some of the most common causes of personal injury?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are millions of injuries that happen each year from unintentional accidents. In 2011, falls were ranked as the most common nonfatal unintentional injury in all of the U.S, with 9,256,761 incidents spanning from newborns to elderly individuals. Coming in at the second most common cause of nonfatal injury was an individual being crushed against or struck by another animal, human or inanimate object other than a motor vehicle or piece of machinery, with over 4.6 million incidents in the nation for the same year. Motor vehicle accidents are still a very prominent cause as well, coming in at number four with 2,686,589 motor vehicle occupants experiencing injury in the entire nation. This can include motorcycle accidents, car collisions, truck incidents or other vehicles on the road.

What constitutes as a personal injury case?

Anytime that an individual experiences harm as the direct result of someone else’s negligent actions, the victim should most likely be able to pursue a personal injury claim. Whether it involves a car accident, animal attack, slip and fall, or a defective product that caused the damage, you deserve to seek compensation from the party that is at fault. You must be able to prove that they acted in a reckless, careless or negligent manner in order to pursue financial help for you suffering. Talk with an attorney as soon as possible to discover your options.

How is "negligence" determined?

In order to request compensation from a personal injury case, you must reveal that the other party was acting out of negligence. This includes any time that an individual does not respond with reasonable care in protecting others’ safety. If it can be proved that the guilty party’s negligent actions were the reason for the victim’s injury, they could be held liable.

What if I was partially at-fault for the accident or injuries?

This depends on the specific court’s jurisdiction; however, there is a possibility that you can achieve compensation. Looking at your level of involvement in the accident and how much of the incident was directly your fault will affect the amount of restitution you receive. In cases such as this, it is wise to obtain a personal injury lawyer as it can be complex to try and pursue financial help without a representative protecting your rights.

How much will my case be worth?

While this question cannot be fully answered without communicating your case details with a lawyer, the worth will ultimately be determined by looking at five different categories. They include the following:

  • Suffering/pain
  • Any medical bills already paid for the injuries
  • Future medical bills that will have to be paid for the injuries
  • Lost income during the time since the injury
  • Loss of future income as a result of the injury

There is no way to tell exactly how much your case will be worthy until an attorney can sit down with you, look over the facts, discuss the evidence and put together a case based on your medical records, your testimony and any other witnesses testimonies. Get in touch with a legal advocate today by filling out our free case evaluation.

Why do I have to act quickly to pursue compensation?

In every state there is a statute of limitations for lawsuits, meaning that there is a cutoff date after which an individual can no longer seek legal action for an incident, even if they were not at-fault in any way. For California, the personal injury statute of limitations is two years from the date of the injury. If you did not discover the damage until a later date after the accident that caused the injury, you have one year from the date of discovery. Once the deadline hits, the case is no longer valid. It is critical that you act quickly to seek out financial recovery so that you do not miss out on this window of time.

Why do I need an attorney?

Not only can a personal injury attorney help take over the stress involved in the days following your incident, they can work to protect your rights in an efficient and effective manner. Negotiating with your insurance company, as well as with the other party’s insurer, you can rest easier knowing that they know the legal process inside and out. At our firm, clients can rely on the fact that our legal team has a 100% success rate, having brought home compensation for every client we have ever helped.

How long will it take to file a lawsuit from start to finish?

There is no set timeline for these cases, so it is hard to put a definitive time frame without knowing the details of the case. With the assistance of a knowledgeable Long Beach personal injury attorney, it is possible that the case could settle within weeks or months without having to go to trial. For more complicated cases or if you attempt to pursue compensation on your own, it could very well take years to come to a final conclusion.
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Considering our extensive experience in the field of personal injury and our dedication to each and every client that we take on, our Long Beach injury lawyers at Overett Group will stop short of nothing to obtain the highest compensation possible. We understand that every situation is unique and there is no general formula, which is why we strive to fully investigate every aspect of your case before moving forward with any legal actions. Do not underestimate the power of a qualified and reliable attorney who can discuss the complicated details of your personal injury case with your insurance company. This can not only save you time and money, but it should also inevitably reduce the level of emotional stress that you experience.

It is our business to help people, no matter how serious the injuries are or how impossible it may appear to seek out financial help. Every client we have helped has walked away with compensation; you could experience the same success! Personalized attention from beginning to end, you have nothing to lose in filling out our no-risk, free case evaluation or getting in touch with our office today. Contact Overett Group at (562) 986-9864 for a free consultation so that we can assist you in understanding the best options for you or your loved ones.