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Should You File a Police Report After a Car Accident?

by Paul Overett
June 22, 2016
by Paul Overett
June 22, 2016

Not every car accident requires a police report. If no injuries or property damage occurred and all parties sorted out the details of the accident, you may not need to report the incident to police. On the other hand, any car accident that involves serious injuries requires a police report. Additionally, if you and the other driver can?t agree on the events leading up to the accident, you should talk to the police.

Police reports document the scene of the accident.

It isn?t easy to remember every detail of your accident. In fact, human memory is a notoriously unreliable source of information ? especially several days or weeks after the event happened. A police report will solidify the facts of the accident so you don?t have to figure them out down the line. This also prevents the other driver from changing his / her story to avoid assuming responsibility for the collision.

Liability (fault) is one of the most important facts of your car accident case. In many situations, fault determines who caused the accident and who is eligible to recover compensation for damages and injuries. Police reports are a major factor used to determine fault. In fact, getting a copy of the police report is typically the first step in determining liability for your damages.

A police report will help your attorney get the compensation you deserve.

If you sustained a serious injury, you can seek compensation for not only property damage, but noneconomic damages, medical expenses, missed wages, and more. A police report makes this process easier than it would be without one. Using facts established by law enforcement, your attorney can create a strong case in your favor.

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