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Prevent a Car Accident While El Ni?o is Visiting

by Paul Overett
May 16, 2016
by Paul Overett
May 16, 2016

According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, there is an 80% chance that El Ni?o will continue to swarm over California until early spring. This means Californians can expect to see colder weather, an abundance of rainfall, and wetter roads. Of course, when streets are wet, they can become very slick in a short amount of time.

To stay safe when traveling to and from work, school, the grocery store, or other places, practice the following safe driving habits our Long Beach car accident lawyers have listed:

1. Create a Safe Gap Between Your Car and the Vehicle in Front of You.

When the roads are wet, it is much more difficult to stop immediately due to the slippery surfaces. For this reason, it is safer to create a distance of space between you and the vehicle in front of your car. This will give you more room to stop if traffic suddenly slows.

2. When it is Difficult to See the Lines on the Road, Be Smart.

When the weather is rainy and foggy, your vision may be impaired. In many cases, drivers are unable to see the lines on the road. If this occurs, try moving to the furthest right lane and focus on the solid line to your right to guide you. If you feel uncomfortable during any course of your drive, pull over and wait until it is safe to drive again.

3. Use Your Low Beams Rather than Your High Beams.

Many motorists will use their high beams when traveling in dark, rainy, and foggy weather. However, using high beams when the weather is cloudy can actually impair a driver?s vision even more since the light will reflect off clouds. Instead, use your low beams.

4. Arriving to Your Destination is Key. Be Patient.

No task is more important than your life, not even work. If weather conditions make your drive longer, stay patient. It is more important to stay safe than it is to be on time.

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