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A detective from the Costa Mesa police force has been killed in an accident earlier this week. The man was reportedly alone when his Honda Accord smashed into a cement column that held up the 55 freeway. While he was able to be transported off the scene of the accident still alive, he died in surgery at a hospital in nearby Santa Ana. No other vehicles seemed to have been involved, but officers are still investigating the cause of the car accident. Some witnesses report that the car was speeding and he lost control of his vehicle. The officer was not on-duty when he crashed.

The fallen investigator had worked for the Costa Mesa Police Department for over 32 years, and was highly respected by his peers. They describe him as a loyal and dedicated employee, who had a charismatic personality and liked to help others. According to the Los Angeles Times, the man began his career as a patrol officer, but was soon transferred into a specialty unit. During his time with the police force, he both was a field training officer and a canine officer, before he became an investigator.

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